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Cool Kids Fashion Blog

The Wolves Of Currumpaw - Book Review

The Wolves Of Currumpaw - Book Review
This beautiful hardcover book is certainly something special, not only for the illustrations but the Old West adventures of a wolf and a man. Set in New Mexico, ‘The Wolves Of Currumpaw’ is symbolic of the complex relationship between man and nature and the exploitations and misunderstandings between such.

Cool Designer Baby Gifts

Cool Designer Baby Gifts
Shopping for babies is so much fun…but sometimes we all get a little love struck and need a hand choosing the perfect gift. At Tiny People, we are style hunters. We’ve combed the world for the most stylish designer baby products to bring you our ultimate baby gift guide. Follow these tips and you can be sure you’re leaving THE best present at the baby shower.

The Hidden Kingdom - Book Review

The Hidden Kingdom - Book Review
A beautifully composed book, ‘The Hidden Kingdom’ explores a child’s delicate connection to nature and the animals within it through Sippy and Sunny’s adventure to the Great Barrier Reef.

Tinypeople: The Very Best in Designer Kids’ Clothes

Hailing from the vibrant coastal town of Byron Bay, Tinypeople is a style destination fuelled by beach vibes and a free-thinking attitude. Offering an eclectic yet stylish collection of designer kids’ clothes, we specialise in stocking quality threads that inspire individuality and adventure. Our collection spans both Australian and overseas designers and caters to tiny people of all ages, from babies through to pre-teens.

Our Brands

At Tinypeople, our brands are our hallmark. We take the time to handpick clothing from the best children’s designers here in Australia and around the globe, delivering an exciting and diverse collection that appeal to kids with a penchant for style and a love of adventure.

When it comes to Australian designers, our range spans Munster Kids, Missie Munster, Mini Munster, Lil Missie Munster, Zimmerman Kids, Tutu Du Monde, Bella & Lace, Alphabet Soup, Coco & Ginger, Peggy and Zuttion Kids. On a global scale, we’ve sourced quality threads from revered kids’ clothing designers around the world, including I Dig Denim, Soft Gallery, Bobo Chooses, Louis Louise, boy+girl, Nico Nico, Louise Misha, Rylee & Cru, Misha & Puff and Beau Loves.

Our collection is varied in terms of style and design; however wearability, comfort and garment quality are elements that remain consistent throughout the range.



Whether it’s an outfit for a special occasion, a dress that will bring to life that inner fairy, or casual clothes that merge comfort and style, you’ll find girls’ clothing that fits the picture at Tinypeople.

Our girls’ collection covers sizes 2 to 12 and spans coordinated tops and bottoms, cute dresses and tutus, chic jumpsuits, comfortable footwear and gorgeous accessories. Go trendy with a patterned top from Soft Gallery, embrace classic bohemian style with a dress from Louise Misha, or feed the imagination with a princess-inspired outfit from Tutu Du Monde.



Surfers, skaters and rockers unite; Tinypeople offers trendy boys’ clothes for the cool kids on the block. Our boys’ collection spans sizes 2 to 12 and includes everything from shorts, denim and track pants, through to t-shirts, jumpers and classic shirts. Whether it’s a laid-back jacket or tee from I Dig Denim, a jumper with a difference from Munster Kids, or a pair of trousers by Louis Louise for a special occasion, you’ll find an outfit that is comfortable, stylish and perfectly suited to the coolest little men in town.



A collection for the tiniest of tiny people, our baby collection is designed for those in search of clothes that merge style and comfort. With a select range of tunics, tees, shorts, sweaters, bloomers, rompers and booties in luxe fabrics and on-trend designs, your baby will be cool long before they can even form the word. From the Spanish flair of Bobo Choses, to the pared-back tones of Misha and Puff knitwear, there are plenty of stylish options for new parents who wish to spoil their little one.


Toys, Gifts & Décor

Our collection doesn’t stop at kids’ clothes; we stock a select range of toys, gifts and décor too! From unique gifts for newborns, through to handcrafted plush animals and educational toys that encourage the imagination, you’re sure to find a gift that will put a smile on any child’s face.

We also offer a range décor, including blankets, cushions and interior decorations, which are perfectly suited to decking out your child’s room – or any other room in the house for that matter! All of our products incorporate quality fabrics and materials that look great and last well.


Women’s Collection

Why should kids have all the fun? Tinypeople isn’t just about children; we stock a select range of quality women’s clothing as well. From stylish tops and dresses, through to comfortable yet trendy onesies, we have threads that are perfectly suited to busy mums who want to look their best. Our collection includes pieces from designers such as Ace & Jig, Mamapapa, Nico Nico, and Louise Misha, as well as beautiful accessories from Art Hide bags.

In addition, we also stock Jacqueline Evans organic body care products for women in search of a way to pamper themselves – or a friend!


A Boutique Shopping Experience

When you shop online with Tinypeople, you should expect nothing less than a boutique shopping experience.

From the relaxed surrounds of Byron Bay we bring to you a level of customer service that we believe should be expected from a boutique store. Personalised customer service, expert style advice and hassle-free delivery set us apart from many other online fashion retailers.

While we do have a store in town, we’ve also made our collection available online throughout Australia; in fact, we offer free shipping nationwide*. Browse our collection today and if you have any questions regarding any of our products, please get in touch!