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Perfect pieces to finish styling trendy kids clothing outfits. These also make great gift ideas kids birthdays and parties.

Tutu Du Monde Behind Your Mask Headband - Tiny People shop
Other Wordly Feather Headband
Tutu Du Monde Angel Cake Headband - Tiny People shop
Sunset Bag Blue
Sunset Bag Pink
Paracas Bag
Forest Folk Bonnet Grey
Luella Wool Floppy Hat
Acorn Kids Ava Wool Floppy Hat - Tiny People shop
Moss Mittens Mustard
Floppy Ears Cashmere Bonnet Grey
Bella & Lace Beanie Oink - Tiny People shop
Bella & Lace Beanie Nudi - Tiny People shop
Upside D Cap Black White
Louis Louise Badges Wonder Pack - Tiny People shop
Louis Louise Badges Love Pack - Tiny People shop
Wrap Hairband Ikat Blue
Bucket Bag Ikat Blue
Poppy Bag
Louise Misha Alora Necklace - Tiny People shop
Ronda Bracelet