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Bobo Choses AW16 - A magic show like no other

Bobo Choses AW16 - How to Disappear

There is always such a buzz when Bobo Choses launches a new collection, the sneak peek, followed by drop 1 and drop 2. AW16 was "Inspired by the world of magic, the collection pays tribute to the children’s sense of wonder towards the extraordinary" says Bobo Choses. What captured the buying team at Tiny People was the take on the luxe sports look that is featuring so strongly in women's fashion. 

Bobo Choses AW17 online Australia

Bobo Choses is by far cool kids clothes

Bobo Choses is one of 'the' brands internationally for those who want cool kids clothes that appeal to both parents and children. This season you can expect a few welcomed updates keeping the collection fresh and exciting especially for those longterm fans. The vintage inspired colour palette is on-trend, with muted tones of white, pink grey and mustard. 

In addition Bobo Choses has communicated their greener approach to production. "We care about the impact we have on the environment. For this reason, a significant part of our knitted fabrics have been made of organic cotton made in India. This is a process in which no pesticides are used and water wastage is controlled, as the soil becomes more fertile and retains water better. This collection we are also using new biodegradable plastic bags which degrade in three years". 

What is considerably different this season, is the official release of three images, containing much of nothing, a disappearing act one would say. It will no doubt leave fans begging for more. Thank goodness drop 1 launch is just over a week away.

Bobo Choses AW16 - Dates to Remember

7 July is the official online launch. This capsule was inspired by Uri Geller, "the illusionist, who was famous for bending spoons" says Bobo Choses.

Drop 2 is expected to land quickly after on 19 July. This capsule "Hypnotized" is the illusion of lines.

Bobo Choses AW16 styles

The following Bobo Choses styles are coming to Tiny People. Want to know more about these piece, drop us an email 

  • AW16-022 Sweatshirt Spoons
  • AW16-039 Midi Skirt Stripes Mustard
  • AW16-059 Jumping Rabbit Dress Pink
  • AW16-067 Blouse Diamond Sky
  • AW16-072 Flared Skirt Constellation
  • AW16-075 T-Shape Dress Doves
  • AW16-083 Juanola T-Shape Dress
  • AW16-108 Beanie Bicolour Yellow
  • AW16-118 Knitted Legging Black Stripes
  • AW16-147 Reversible Jacket Diamond Sky
  • AW16-149 Hooded Anorak Diamond Sky
  • AW16-173 Body Coeurs
  • AW16-175 Body Magic Powders
  • AW16-207 Baby Baggy Trousers Constellation
  • AW16-208 Baby Baggy Trousers Diamond
  • AW16-211 Baby Dress Doves
  • AW16-212 Baby Dress Diamond Sky
  • AW16-252 Umbrella Magic Powders
  • AW16-253 Umbrella Constellation
May the count down to drop 1 begin, 9 days to go.