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Hanging out with Belinda - Cool Kids Interiors Guru

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TP: Tell us a little about yourself and your family.
B: My name is Belinda, I own an interior design company called Petite Interior Co. I'm married to Dean, who works with me and we have two daughters, Holly almost 7 and Asher, who is 5. 
TP: Being a parent and a working mother is a real challenge, the struggle of schedules, creating time for everyone. What’s your strategy?
Most times it's just absolute chaos! As the girls are getting older they are able to help more than they used to, such as cleaning up after themselves or packing their own school bag, so I can steal a few more work hours here and there, but other than having a cleaner come once a fortnight, Dean and I manage the company, run the household and take the girls to their many after school activities ourselves. It's certainly hectic! But having an 'all hands on deck' approach helps. When Dean is working, I'm doing things for the household and kids and vice versa. We always put the girls first so it does mean a few late nights to get everything done. 
We have a very large project on the horizon which may force us to outsource a little bit more but for the most part, it's working. 
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 TP: What is your mantra for raising girls?
B: Lead by example, show them that truly anything is possible and above all else, be kind. Girls (and women!) can be so cruel to each other and it's just not necessary. 
TP: Your business has grown at a rapid rate, what’s been your biggest success to date?
B: Definitely our upcoming project, which will see our business expand significantly overseas. I can't share too much about it all just yet but it's all very exciting and a little bit terrifying too! 
TP: Where do you get your inspiration from?
B: My girls, definitely. As they've grown, I've really started to see my design style evolve with them. They're not interested in cutesy things as much anymore so I've had to look for more stylish options to suit their changing tastes and subsequently, my tastes have changed too! They're at an age where they have started to appreciate finer quality and special items of clothing and shoes, rather than being rough with these pieces, they treat them well and wear them with pride! The items they want for their rooms has changed as well so as we're investing in pieces that will last a bit longer I'm becoming inspired more by classic items rather than trends. I've stopped buying magazines and now take inspiration from things and people that I love all around me, whether in style or not. 
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TP: Looking back, what advice would you have for your 20 year old self?
B: Back yourself a little more. I wasn't very confident in my 20's and really didn't know what I wanted to do with my life but there was always a pull towards more creative things. It took me until my late 20's to start my first business which wasn't a great experience. In hindsight, I think I had an entrepreneurial spark earlier but didn't listen to it! Growing my business and the associated successes and failures has really changed me as a person! I'm capable of so much more than I would have ever known. . I'm also stronger than I could have ever imagined. Riding the highs and lows of business ownership has taught me that no matter how low you go, there's always a way to come back. I've developed an inner self confidence that I didn't think was ever possible. 
TP: Favourite thing to do when you have some time for your self.
B: Day spa, shopping or just a nap. 
TP: Can’t leave home without…
B: A dozen different lip glosses. I have a problem. 
TP: Favourite thing to do on family day.
B: Fish and chips at the beach 
TP: Can you share three tips for styling a child’s room.
B: Invest in pieces that you intend to keep for the long term, usually the larger items. 
If you have a busy wall pattern, choose plain bed linen and vice versa! 
Don't follow trends too closely! When I first started everyone had vintage rooms and now it's all about scandinavian! 
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Holly & Asher wear Louise Misha, Tutu Du Monde and Acorn Kids pieces from Tiny People. Learn more here about Belinda and her services through Petite Interior Co.