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Olli Ella: WARES it made?


Since its inception back in 2010 we have continued to be amazed and excited by the creativity and genuinely unique offerings from global lifestyle label Olli Ella. From their luggy's to their holdie house, their beautiful natural weave baskets and their floor rugs, each a bespoke design, sustainable and timeless. It is therefore no surprise that Olli Ella have just launched their first Women's apparel range, 'Wares' with matching complimentary pieces for children too.

As with all Olli Ella pieces, the design genius is the most interesting aspect of this capsule collection. Each piece has been designed to be reversible, making them wearable by Women at all stages of their life, including before, during and well after pregnancy.

At the heart of Olli Ella is their commitment to sustainability and ethical production. In Olli Ella's own words, we share with you the inspiration, passion and women behind Wares.

WARES it made? #whomademyclothes

Everything we do at Olli Ella, we do with the planet and people in mind. When we began the development of WARES, at the forefront of our minds was how to create this collection in a way that was fair to the environment and fair to the people producing it.

Our Concept
The concept behind the collection was to create timeless pieces, not driven by trends and made in an ethically certified factory using only organic materials. We wanted to create something that would never go out of fashion, and would last for years and years to come. The end result; the softest, comfiest, most effortlessly stylish and versatile staple piece that is easy to care for and made in a way that we are not only satisfied with, but incredibly proud of. This Fashion Revolution week, we wanted to introduce you to the faces behind WARES, at the very core of the collection; the women from our factory in India that made your WARES.

Our Factory
The women behind our WARES collection work from our single ethically certified factory in Chennai, on the Bay of Bengal in Eastern India. Most of the women are between 22 and 35 years old. It was so important to us to only work with a factory that complied with global ethical standards. This is why the factory we chose is SA 8000 certified, meaning that the minimum wage for India is met as a mandatory requirement.

Our Commitment 

This is Olli Ella’s first step into the wild world that is the global fashion industry. As it stands, we are proud of the efforts we have made as newcomers to the business of sustainable clothing, but we understand that we too have a long way to go. Our promise to our customers, the planet and most importantly, to the people who make our garments, is to continue, tirelessly, on our sustainability journey. We are committed to mapping out our tier one supply chain and will strive to approach each phase of design, development and production consciously, in turn growing our knowledge of sustainable practises and hopefully contributing something positive to the world in the process.

We hope you love the Wares collection as much as we do. Its available online now at Tiny People, as well as many other much loved Olli Ella products.

Thank you so much for stopping by!!

~ xx Claire @ Tiny People ~


This article was originally published by Olli Ella and can be found here.
It is reproduced here with permission.