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Cute Outfits for Girls of 2018

Cute Outfits for Girls of 2018

Are you looking to help your little girl show off her style, but don't know what to buy her? Here's how to find cute outfits for girls.

Tiny people are full of big personalities, and part of our job as mums is to help them embrace these unique traits.

One of the advantages of dressing preteens is they're usually not shy about telling us what they like and don't like. This makes it easy for us to gauge their styles.

But we won't lie - picking outfits for girls can still be confusing with all the options out there.

Thankfully, we're here to make it fun and easy for you. Below are some ideas of cute outfits for girls with different personalities.

Cute Outfits for Girls of Every Kind

When it comes to building a cute wardrobe, basics are very important. They're good for layering and can save you a lot of headaches in the morning.

Basics don't need a lot of frills, but they should be comfy. Choose soft pieces like cotton T-shirts and linen pants.

If that's a little too bland, ruffle tops are a casual way to add details.

Fun Pieces

Fun pieces are where we get to show off our kids' unique personalities.

If they have star-like qualities and enjoy the attention, help them pick out some trendsetting pieces like this Jungle City Bomber jacket that can instantly dress up any outfit. Another great choice is this chic Luco Denim jacket in pink (also available in blue)!

For a girl who likes to show off her feminine side, there are plenty of delicate pieces to choose from our Petite Amalie collection.

Whichever outfit you like, don't forget to throw on a pair of cool shades for ultimate cuteness!


When it comes to dresses, the choices can be overwhelming. The best way to narrow it down is by your daughter's personality.

If she has classic tastes, Louis Louis makes some great down-to-earth dresses with a bohemian touch. Nico Nico has the perfect dresses for the beach.

For the more playful personalities, try this Tory Dress that screams confetti and fun!

If you have any special events coming up, our Petite Amalie collection carries white and blush dresses perfect for weddings and formal family events.

Girls Dresses by Soft Gallery

Cool Kids

Some girls prefer pants over dresses, and that's okay, mama. If your daughter is more on the tomboy side, help her embrace it!

For fun leggings, Soft Gallery has you covered. Also, consider getting her some cool slouchy pants like Missie Munster Rise Pant.

Let's not forget the classic overall.

Girly or not, your daughter needs some good bottoms to run and climb all over the jungle gym.

Last Tip

Picking cute outfits for girls does not have to be stressful. The key is to take note of what your child already likes.

Don't be afraid to ask her! It doesn't have to be a guessing game.

If you still need some ideas, check out our Instashop for the latest trends!