100% french designer fashion and accessories for babies and children. Louis Louise is renowned for its fashion forward collection with European flavour. Fabrics are of the highest quality, designs are stunning and stylish. You will fall in love with Louis Louise time and time again.
Jasmine Dress
Faustine Dress
Louis Louise Irene Overall
Charlotte Dress
Aria Short Mauve White
Aria Short Grey White
Mireille Dress
Apache Slippers
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Luco Jacket Blue
Noelie Tunic
Georginette Short
Anais Tee Blue White
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Dean Trousers
Louis Louise Dean Trousers $49.00 $99.00
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Ethel Tunic
Louis Louise Ethel Tunic $49.00 $96.00
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Flora Tunic
Louis Louise Flora Tunic $45.00 $80.00
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Valentin Trousers
Marcel Tee 16
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Louis Louise Rancho Tee
Louis Louise Rancho Tee $30.00 $59.00
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Louis Louise Luna Tights Grey Gold