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The Wolves Of Currumpaw - Book Review

Beautiful Children's Books.

Inspired by Ernest Thompson’s thrilling 1898 tale, ‘The Wolves of Currumpaw’ written and illustrated by London-based William Grill, follows the Old West adventures of a wolf and a man who wishes to claim him and his hide. Set in New Mexico, ‘The Wolves Of Currumpaw’ is symbolic of the complex relationship between man and nature and the exploitations and misunderstandings between such.

Beautiful children's books The Wolves of Currumpaw

A hardcover book enriched with delicate colours and panoramic, double-page spreads, Grills evokes a strong affection of the dying days of the Old West and its rich historical past. A beautiful and thought-provoking re-telling of Thompson’s classic, ‘The Wolves of Currumpaw’ would appeal to ages 6 and over.

Beautiful children's books The Wolves of Currumpaw cover

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