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The Hidden Kingdom - Book Review

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A beautifully composed book, ‘The Hidden Kingdom’ explores a child’s delicate connection to nature and the animals within it through Sippy and Sunny’s adventure to the Great Barrier Reef. Sunny’s engaging underwater journey goes hand in hand with Brigitte May’s dream-like illustrations, a collection of feminine, delicate and ethereal graphics. With the 3rd and latest book in the Sippy and Sunny series, mother and daughter authors, Vicki Wood and Kelly Elsom continue to capture the beautiful sensitivities of the relationships between a child and their natural world.

The Hidden Kingdom Sippy & Sunny children's book.

Embracing the creative and playful aspects of a child’s imagination, ‘The Hidden Kingdom’ would be best suited for 3-7 years. Whilst the illustrations are naturally influenced by the mother and daughter duo, the story of ‘The Hidden Kingdom’ can still appeal to a younger demographic of boys.

Sippy & Sunny The Hidden Kingdom.

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